Mélange project 02

Mélange project

Mélange project 02: herbal tea pot

The mission of this project is to create new artworks through dialogues with the artists we met through our journey.
What kind of world can we expect beyond the intersection of sensibilities? Tracing such curiosity, we present new artwork - a mixture of beautiful things - " Mélange ".

The second work is a herbal teapot. The artwork is the product of the multiple dialogues between the potter Akari Karugane from Tajimi, and Misa Murata, the botanical artist. Verseau focuses on herbal tea and other products based on plant medicine.
Misa would lecture and brew herb tea at the Akari's workshop at the meetings. The herbal teapot went through multiple prototyping. The final piece is beautiful and functional.
The herbal teapot, created with the image of one woman, brings richness to our lives through the philosophies of the two artists.

"Herbal tea pot"pottery × herb

"Herbal tea pot" Artist Interview

Mélange project 02

Akari Karugane (pottery) × Misa Murata (herb)