“Échanger” project


The theme we have chosen for this year's exhibition is "Échanger." In French, it means "to exchange, to exchange greetings.
Through the exchanges we have had with potters and artists, and through the "The Traveling Pottery" project, we have hoped to create a time and place where we can exchange values and exchange with each other through our vessels.
We hope that this will be an opportunity to exchange values and good vibes between people in the same space, be it between Japan and overseas, between food and potters, between potteries and users.

photo :
Max Houtzager (1,3)
Eql (2)

POP UP event vol.3“Échanger” at PARKLET

POP UP event vol.3
“Échanger” at PARKLET


8 / 11(FRY)18:00~ 21:00 Shop & Apéro
8 / 12(SAT)8:30 ~ 21:00 Shop & Apéro
8 / 13(SUN)8:30 ~ 17:00 Shop


14-7 Kofune-cho, Nihonbashi,
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan


“Échanger” interview

“Échanger” project

Arata Osumi (potter)

“Échanger” project

voya3e (curation team from Korea)

“Échanger” project

Max Houtzager ( Parklet founder / creative director )

“Échanger” project

Woo Sihyeong / Park Sungkuk (potter curated by voya3e)