mont et plume

“mont et plume” means “Mountain and Feather” in French.
Returning home after living abroad in France, we were once again drawn to the beauty and richness of Japanese pottery and artists.

Potters use local clay made from the soil from the mountains. It is as if the potters give new life to this soil as they are used in pottery. The pottery vessels will one day travel to an owner, whose day shall become more rich with the addition of this new piece in his or her life. As an abundant and natural material, clay is sustainable, and when used in pottery that is fired, they can last a lifetime or longer. They can be passed down from generation to generation, passing down the stories of the people and the land it originated from.

Through the “Traveling Pottery Project”, we will continue to share stories embedded with the values and beauty of Japanese pottery.

mont et plume 
Sayaka Yamamoto Ikumi Hane